No Models Wanted - Photography/Fashion Project

This is a project that I am currently working on. "No Models Wanted" is a project that I have wanted to pursue for awhile and I am hoping to eventually publish into a book. I started this project in February 2013. In this project I meld my love for Photography, Fashion and Travel into one unified entity. I have already traveled to 10 states while photographing this body of work and the goal is to eventually travel to all 50 states before the project is completed.

 "Under the Sea" Torrey Pines State Beach. La Jolla, CA


Knapp's Castle which is located in the Las Padres National Forest in Santa Barbara, CA


These images were photographed in an abandoned building in the Mohave National Preserve in California

This mini Set was designed in dedication of The [CREATIV] Movement! They have helped me to realize that being an individual is an amazing thing! That I should love and be proud to share my voice, my vision, my creativity! To find out more about this Grassroots movement that was built by [CREATIVS] for [CREATIVS] go to: